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i am so sorry

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things i care about a lot:

  • dogs
  • aliens

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but the best pun of the night goes to my friend’s dealer who never comes through and her name so perfectly fit the phrase “but yo man, that’s so raven”


'cause every song is like gold teeth, grey goose, green moose, guava juice, giant snake, birthday cake, large fries, chocolate shake

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“Bitches be like “bitches be like,” but they be the bitches that be like!!!” —wisdom of confucius (via ghostdildo)

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hi so ok I’m going to make a little post about the “friendzone” so let’s no one murder me before I say these things 

So like, I was always under the impression that the “friendzone” was just that weird thing when you meet a cutie and you talk and suddenly you’re friend-bros but you also have liked them in the smooshy way the whole time.  Then you’re in this place where you’re like “oh no I’m scared ah they are nice and cute but oh no I can’t say anything because I’m afraid that if I say something and my gooeys are not returned then whenever I see this person I will become tomato girl and I don’t want that rep” 

I don’t know a lot of dick-ish guys, but I guess that the argument some people have against the “friendzone” is that guys only talk to girls in order to get it in? 

but that’s not how I see it, I”m just a shy person and I don’t want to compromise the friends I have.

We gucci?



Chessy, why are you looking at her like that?


Literally memorized this entire scene and can say it word for word exactly how she says it

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but like sometimes when I lay down a certain way I get a bunch of pops in my lower back and it’s super great

shit i like: fall + clothes

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Allow me to explain the anatomy of a cat’s paw.


Smush beans!!! Piddle paws. Liddle piddles. Smoosh bean piddly doos.

Fluffstuff pink piddle chubber bubbies.

As a biologist I can attest for the accuracy of this. 

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I’m just a cat blog now

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Look at this cat wearing a scarf enjoying cherry blossoms

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